[BSEH] Accounts class 12 Syllabus (2022-23)

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Looking for the syllabus of Accounts class 12 of BSEH (HBSE) Board for the 2022-23 Session.

We have discussed the Haryana Board Class 12 Accountancy syllabus for the 2022-23 session in detail.

Syllabus of Accountancy class 12 Haryana Board 2022-23

Accounting Not For Profit Organisation.

Not for Profit organization meaning and examples Receipts and Payments meaning and concepts preparation of income and
expenditure A/c and balance Sheet.

Accounting for Partnership

Nature of Partnership firm and Final account of partnership. Preparation of Partners capital accounts and profit and
loss Appropriation A/c.

Reconstitution of Partnership

Change in profit sharing ratio, Accounting for Revaluation, Goodwill:- Meaning and valuation Admission, Retirement/
Death of a partner.

Accounting for Share Capital

Issue of Share (At par and At Premium)

Accounting for share Forfeiture of share & Re-issue of Share.

Presentation of Share & Debenture capital in company’s balance Sheet.

Accounting for Debenture of Companies.

Issue & Redemption of debentures, out of proceeds of Fressh issue and accumulated profit and Sinking Fund etc.

Computerized Accounting Overview of Computerised Accounting System

Concepts and type, features, Structure, of computeriased Accounting.

Using Computerised Accounting System

Steps in Install an of CAS Data Entry, Validation & Verificatoin Adjusting Entry, preparation of Financial Statements
closing and opening entries.

Using Computerised Accounting System Accounting using Database Management System (DBMS)

Security of CAS and features generally available in CAS

Concepts of DBMS

Objects of DBMS

Accounting Using Database Management System (DBMS) Accounting application of Electronic spreadsheets (ES)

Creating Data Tables for Accounting. using Queries and forms and report generating accounting information.

Concepts of ES

Features of ES

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