Accounting for Partnership Firms Fundamentals Chapter Class 12 free video lectures notes pdf


Are you looking for the free video lectures notes pdf of Accounting for partnership firms – Fundamentals chapter 1 of partnership class 12 Accountancy CBSE Board.

I have prepared video lectures and notes on each topic of fundamental (basics) of partnership chapter of class 12.

Below are the links of all individual lectures of all topics of fundamentals of partnership chapter.

Table of Contents

Fundamentals of Partnership firm chapter free video lectures notes pdf

S.NTopicsLectures link
1.Definition of PartnershipClick Here
2.Features of PartnershipClick Here
3.Rights of PartnersClick Here
4.Partnership Deed, Meaning, contentClick Here
5.Why Essential to have a Partnership DeedClick Here
6.Rules in the absence of Partnership DeedClick Here
7.Liabilities of PartnersClick Here
8.Profit and Loss Appropriation Account format, featuresClick Here
9.Journal Entries of Profit and Loss Appropriation A/cClick Here
10.Diff. b/w Profit and Loss A/c and Profit and Loss App. A/cClick Here

S.NTopicsLectures link
11.Difference b/w charge against profit and appropriation of ProfitClick Here
12.Treatment of Interest on loan by the firm to the partnerClick Here
13.Treatment of Interest on loan by the Partner to the firmClick Here
14.Treatment of Rent paid to partnerClick Here
15.Treatment of Managers commission in partnershipClick Here
16.Items not shown in Profit and Loss Appropriation A/cClick Here
17.Methods Maintaining Partners Capital A/cClick Here
18.Treatment When Appropriation is more than the Available ProfitClick Here
19.Diff. Between Fixed Capital A/c and Fluctuating Capital A/cClick Here
20.Diff. Between Capital and Current A/cClick Here

S.NTopicsLectures link
21.Provisions relating to Interest on capital in PartnershipClick Here
22.Difference between drawings against capital and drawings against profitClick Here
23.Methods to Calculate Interest on Capital
24.Methods to Calculate Interest on Drawings
25.Net Profit after charging such commission concept clarity

Solutions of Accounting for partnership – Fundamentals Books solutions (2021-22)

S.NBookslink to Solutions
1.TS GrewalClick Here
2.DK GoyalSolutions
3.SK SharmaSolutions


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