CBSE class 12th Accountancy Sample Papers with Solutions pdf


Accountancy paper is quite scoring if you have command over the concept and, how fast you calculate the figures. It requires precision and it comes from consistent practice.

Each year CBSE releases a sample paper of accountancy subject. This sample paper is just the blueprint for the coming final board exams.

If you practice, these CBSE accounts sample paper. It will dem improve your overall performance and boost your confidence.

Today, I am sharing almost all current and previous year CBSE sample papers of accountancy with solutions (answer key) and marking scheme with you.

See, if you want to score 95+, rather 100/100 in accounts paper. You need, to keep in mind three things.

Number One

1. Never use calculator

Number Two

2. Focus on Concept.

Number Three

3. Solve as many question as you can, within the time limit.

That’s it.

And, I forget to mention. Always be consistent. Make a proper Time Table and Study in regular intervals.

If you practice these sample papers within the time limit prescribed. There are chances of scoring good marks in the Board Exam.

To check marks distribution & time management strategy click here

Previous Year CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 Accountancy

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Download Year Wise CBSE Accountancy Sample Papers for Class 12

I am giving the list of all previous and current year sample paper of Accountancy subject of CBSE Board. You are free to download the pdf. Save it and practice & practice & practice.

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Year of ExaminationAccountancy Sample Question PaperAnswers/ Marking Scheme
2020-21Download PDFDownload PDF
2019-20Download PDFDownload PDF
2018-19Download PDFDownload PDF
2017-18Download PDFDownload PDF
2016-17Download PDFDownload PDF
2015-16Download PDFDownload PDF

Here is the sample paper of 2020-21 of Accounts Paper of CBSE Board


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