National Income Chapter Macroeconomics Class 12 CBSE Notes, Pdf


Are you looking for notes of National Income chapter of Macroeconomics Class 12 CBSE Board topic wise in pdf format. I have explained each and every topic of this chapter in detail topic wise with clear definitions and example.

All explanation has bee given keeping in mind the syllabus of CBSE with examination point of View. Here are the all links of all topics of National Income Chapter.

Lecture of National Income Chapter of Macroeconomics Class 12 CBSE Board with Notes in Pdf Format.

S.NTopicsLink of Lecture
1.What is MacroeconomicsClick Here
2.What is GoodsClick Here
3.What is Consumption GoodsClick Here
4.What are capital goodsClick Here
5.What are intermediate Goods.Click Here
6.What is intermediate consumptionClick Here
7.What are final GoodsClick Here
8.What is Final ConsumptionClick Here
9.What is investment in national incomeClick Here
10. What is stock and flowClick Here
11.What are transfer paymentsClick Here
12.What is circular flow of incomeClick Here
13.What is Domestic Territory of a CountryClick Here
14.What is normal resident of a countryClick Here
15.Nominal GDP and Real GDPClick Here

S.NTopicsLink of Lecture
1.National Income and Related Aggregates, formula, Definition, processClick Here
2.Value added Method, formula, Definition, processClick Here
3.Income Method, formula, Definition, processClick Here
4.Expenditure Method, formula, Definition, processClick Here

S.NTopicsLink of Lecture
1.150+ Numerical of Value Added MethodClick Here
2.150+ Numerical of Income MethodClick Here
3.150+ Numerical of Expenditure MethodClick Here
4. 150+ Numerical of National Income and related aggregatesClick Here
S.NTopicsLink of Lecture
1.250+ MCQs of National IncomeClick Here


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