CBSE has Released Set 2 of Additional Practice Questions for Class 10th & 12th. Checkout Now

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CBSE has now just released Set 2 of the Additional Practice Questions Paper on November 7.

These resources are easily accessible on the official CBSE Website

To make familiar with the new question paper pattern, the CBSE released its first set of additional question papers on September 8 for classes 10th and 12th.

These practice papers are specifically designed to match the revised examination format, emphasizing students’ abilities and advanced thinking skills.

CBSE aims to equip students with the necessary tools to excel in this evolving examination environment.

The release of additional practice questions 1 & 2 underscores CBSE’s dedication to assisting students throughout their academic journey.

These resources provide valuable practice opportunities, improving students’ problem-solving skills and boosting their confidence.

As CBSE adjusts to the evolving educational landscape, students can anticipate ongoing support and resources to contribute to their academic success.

These practice question papers are accompanied with marking scheme answers.

These are designed to make students familiar with evolving exam structures and provide a deeper understanding of exam patterns and typologies.

The additional question papers are aligned with the blueprint of the sample paper for 2023-24.

It comprises 50 percent competency-based questions in the 2024 board exams.

The change in the board exams aims at improving the student’s ability to apply acquired knowledge in real-world scenarios apart from rote memorization.

Why consider CBSE sets of 1 & 2 Additional Practice Questions paper for classes 10 & 12.

The CBSE wants to ensure that the students don’t miss any important topics.

Prepare for the exams in the direct direction as per the new pattern.

By practicing these questions, you get a feel for the actual board exams.

It will help in boosting students’ confidence and reduce anxiety.

The students can solve these additional question papers for self-assessment find their weaknesses and strong areas and prepare themselves for the final board examination.

You can download Set 2 Additional Question Paper from the below link

Additional set – 2 Question paper CBSE for class 10 & 12th

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