[CBSE] Q 13 Bank Reconciliation Statement Solutions TS Grewal class 11 (2022-23)

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Are you looking for the solution of Question number 13 Bank Reconciliation statement TS Grewal Class 11 CBSE Board 2022-23 Session?

Prepare Bank Reconciliation Statement as on 31st March, 2022 from the following particulars:

(i) Bank Balance as per Pass Book.10,000
(ii) Cheque deposited into the Bank, but no entry was passed in the Cash Book.500
(iii) Cheques received and entered in the Cash Book but not sent to bank.1200
(iv) Credit side of the Cash Book bank column cast short.200
(v) Insurance premium paid directly by the bank under the standing advice.600
(vi) Bank charges entered twice in the Cash Book.20
vii) Cheque issued but not presented to the bank for payment.500
viii) Cheque received entered twice in teh Cash Book.1,000
ix) Bill discounted dishonoured not recorded in teh Cash Book.5,000
x) Bank had wrongly allowed interest of ₹ 5,000, which was reversed by it on 5th April, 2022.

[Balance as per Cash Book (Dr.) – ₹ 11,980.]


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