[CBSE] Q 14 Solutions Special Purpose Books I Cash Book TS Grewal (2022-23)

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Are you looking for the solutions of Question number 14 Special Purpose Book I Cash Book TS Grewal class 11 CBSE Board 2022-23 Session?

A Petty Cashier in a firm received ₹ 15,000 as the petty cash imprest on 4th June, 2021. During the week, his expenses were as follows:

June 4
Conveyance charges for Manager’s trip to the city500
June 4Wages to casual labourers1,500
June 5Bus fare to workmen sent to customer’s premises200
June 5Stationery purchased1,000
June 6Sent documents to Head Office by registered post400
June 6Postage stamps purchased1,000
June 7Repair of printer400
June 7Paid electricity bill1,700
June 8Wages paid to coolies for shifting furniture400
June 8Taxi fare to Assistant Manager500
June 8Letters by registered post sent to different supplier1,000
June 8Locks purchased800
June 8Refreshments to customers200

Write up the Analytical Petty Cash Book and draft the necessary Journal entries for the payaments made

[Petty Cash Balance – ₹ 5,400.]


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