[CBSE] Q 16 Journal Solution TS Grewal Class 11 (2022-23)

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Are you looking for the solution of Question number 16 of Journal chapter TS Grewal class 11 CBSE Board 2022-23?

Enter the following transactions in the Journal of Suresh, Delhi who trades in readymade garments:

April 1
Suresh paid on bank as capital60,000
April 2He bought goods and paid by cheque24,000
April 3Sold goods to Mukand & Co. Delhi6,700
April 4Sold goods for cash10,900
April 5Paid sundry expenses in cash3,000
April 8Paid for office furniture and fittings by cheque4,000
April 9Bought goods from Ramesh & Bros.10,600
April 11Returned goods to Ramesh & Bros.1,500
April 12Issued cheque to Ramesh & Bros. in settlement8,500
April 12Goods costing ₹ 5,000 destryoed by fire
April 20Insurance company paid claim4,000
April 30Bank charged interest200
April 30Borrowed from Ridhi @ 10% per annum interest50,000
April 30Received from Mukand & Co. on account3,000
April 30Sold household furniture and paid the amount into business.10,000
April 30Sold goods costing ₹ 5,000 to Anita for cash at a profit of 20% on cost, less 20% trade discount
April 30Sold goods costing ₹ 20,000 to Sunil at a profit of 20% on sale less 20% Trade Discount and paid cartage ₹ 150 (to be charged from customer)


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