Full Proof strategy to score perfect 100 in Economics in CBSE 12th Boards?

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Here, is the burning question. How to score (get) full 100 marks in Economics class 12 in CBSE Board.

It is the dream of every single student of commerce to score 100/100 in Economics class 12 Board Exam of CBSE.

See, to get the perfect 100, you need a full-proof plan and stick to it till the end, no matter what comes across.

I am sharing with you my own 10 point tested strategy to score 100 in Economics in CBSE 12 Boards Exam.

But, you have to follow it with dedication. You have to drop your procrastination at any cost. Believe me!

It is all about following and practicing few things once you put your hand on Economics book.

See, success is a habit not a coincidence. It is the result of following certain rules consistently until you achieve your target.

At the end, I would also discuss how much time you must allocate to solve each question of the Economics Board paper. So that, you can attempt all 34 questions on time and still have a few minutes to review.

Use Economics Words in Definitions

Most students learn economics as the way they learn Business studies. See, you have to use the words that commonly represent eco.

Learn exact words that is written in the definition of economics and practice writing it down and than match with the book.

See, we can evaluate our performance by ourselves. Match what you write with what is given in the book. Repeat the process and improve it.

All the above, I would recommend, understand the concept more than just mugging up. Once you understand it, you can write it down with no difficulties.

Call your Tutor. Take an appointment and clear your concepts.

Focus on Concept more than Rote Learning (Ratta Maar)

Most of the students whenever they sit on study table and open economics book. They just want to mug up the chapters more than clearing concepts.

With this way, you are not going to improve in Economics. First Clear your concept. Ask your doubts from your class teacher. otherwise it’s better to hire a personal experienced tutor.

Only Follow One Book

I would recommend you to follow only one book of Economics. However NCERT also has its own books. Still you need a reference book to practice more numerical, conceptual, MCQS, and theoretical questions.

But to study from two book, create a confusion. As there is a slight differences of words used in various chapters.

I would suggest, go with Sandeep Garg Book. The language of this book is simple and this book is filled with lots of practical and theoretical questions.

On the other hand, If you really want a book that strictly follow CBSE syllabus. I would recommend S.K Aggarwal. This book is quite concise.

In a single book, SK Aggarwal has covered both books (Macroeconomics + Indian Economic Development).

What I suggest, Purchase a new addition of S.K Aggarwal Book. Make notes of theory out of it. Purchase a second-hand book of Sandeep Garg of Economics. Practice numerical and other questions out of it.

Follow Syllabus Prescribed by CBSE Board

See, In all reference books such as (TR Jain, Sandeep Garg) there are topics that are not in the syllabus as per CBSE Board. Most of the students unknowingly waste their time and energy to learn these topics.

My Advice is, just follow NCERT and SK Aggarwal if you really want to prepare Economics paper as per the syllabus of CBSE Board.

Don’t just learn write it

Most of the students just try to learn without writing it. It’s better first learn and check whether you are able to write it down correctly or not.

Books to follow

See, the book strict to the syllabus and easy language is what a student needs

I recommend two reference books.

  1. S.K Aggarwal
  2. Sandeep Garg

Note:- Follow NCERT Book and SK Aggarwal for point-to-point Economics syllabus. Specially S.K Aggarwal updates his books strictly to the syllabus of the CBSE Board.

Complete your Syllabus by October

I mean it, Complete your whole syllabus by October. Because you need at least 3 months to make a revision and practice sample papers and last 5 years question papers.

See, your whole months of January goes into your pre-board and Practical examinations. If you complete your syllabus by October at least you would be having 2 months for revision, sample and previous years board question papers.

Must Practice last 5 year question papers.

You must solve last 5 years question papers without any doubt. By doing it, you become familiar with the pattern of paper. You get used to it and at the examination time you wont feel nervous and panic attack.

Purchase a good sample papers and practice it within 3 hours time limit.

See, practicing a 3 hours long paper with time limit is necessary. By doing it you can cross your limits.

Join Test Series

Once you have completed your syllabus join test series at any coaching center or online.

Study Economics Daily at least for 1 hour

See, It’s not one day task to acquire a mastery in a subject. It’s a consistent process. You have to study economics at least for 1 hour.

If you be in touch with a subject daily and consistently. It will create a unique interest into it. The second thing is, by be in touch with a subject make your concept more strong.

When we study a subject consistently you will learn new thing out of it.

Hire an Experienced Tutor.

See, no matter how good you are in study. You need a tutor who can maintain consistency in your study.

best youtube channel for commerce students 11 and 12 class

Make a distance from social media and friends

Yes, It’s very important. You have to have distance from social media. I myself have experienced, once you start to scroll it. You go on and go on scrolling it until you feel pain in eyes.

Be on Social Media is the biggest time wastage in todays world.

Focus on Numerical part of Macroeconomics

There are few chapter in macroeconomics that have numerical. For example national income, determination of income and employment etc.

Practice numerical part as if you attempt numerical correctly you would get full marks. So Numerical are 100% scoring.

More Focus on Case Based Questions (Competency Questions)

CBSE Board has increased case based questions from 10% to 20% Now. So you have be more competent to answers the questions on case basis.

It means you have to focus more on concept rather simply reading and mugging up.

Here is the pattern of the Board question papers of Economics in 2021-22

  1. 20% MCQS
  2. 60% short & Long Answers
  3. 20% Case Based Questions

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