Matching Type MCQs of Financial Management Chapter with answers

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Are you looking for Matching Type MCQs of the Financial Management chapter with answers for CUET and class 12

Important Matching Type Multiple Choice Question of Financial Management chapter with answers

Following is the list

From the set of statements given in column I and Column II, Choose the correct pair of statements:

Column – IColumn – II
a) Financing Decisioni) Deciding investment of funds in long term and short term assets.
b) Net Working Capitalii) It refers to excess of current assets over current liabilities
C) Investment Decisioniii) Deciding sources of finance, i.e., ratio of debt and equity


Ans:- b) Net Working Capital – ii) It refers to an excess of current assets over current liabilities.

Match the statements given under A with the correct options given under B.

i) Interest Coverage Ratioa) Profit after tax + Depreciation + Interest + Non cash Expenses written off / Preference Dividend + Interest + Repayment Obligation
b) EBIT/Interest

Ans:- i) – b

Match the items given under ‘A’ with the suitable statements under ‘B’.

i) Financial Planninga) Long-term investment decision.
ii) Capital Budgeting Decisionb) It involves deciding how much of the profits to be distributed to shareholders and how much of it to be retained in the business.
iii) Dividend Decisionc) Its objective is to ensure that enough funds are available at right time.

Ans:- i) – c, ii) – a, iii) – b

Match the items given under ‘A’ with the suitable statements under ‘B’:

i) Capital Structurea) It is concerned with optimal procurement as well as the usage of finance.
ii) Financial Managementb) It refers to the mix between owners and borrowed funds.
iii) Working Capital Decisionsc) The Proportion of debt in the overall capital.
iv) Financial Leveraged) Short-term investment decisions.

Ans – i) – b, ii) – a, iii) – d, iv) – c

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