Best Online Classes for Accountancy class 12 CBSE Board

Looking for Best online classes for Accountancy class 12 CBSE Board. See there are numerous options out there. which one to choose.

Most of the online platform are run by the corporate. These are driven by profit motive.

Once you opt for a course and paid the required fees. You just become one of the customer out of thousands.

What if, you hired a tutor with 18 years of experience and with lots of support. Such as android and ios apps, websites, and YouTube channels.

Why you need a personal Tutor than a corporate One.

See, all these big corporate only look for the number of students. In a single live class, there are 1000 students. Would it be even possible to take the problems of all students by a teacher in a day.

Not at all, rather practically it is not possible.

Apart from it, to lure students they provide combo, you can attend the class of different teachers in one pack. I don’t know what is the need for it.

Ok, tell me one thing, Does a student has enough time to watch all teachers lecture in this hectic schedule of class 12th. Note at all possible.

My Advice is, go with an Export online Tutor who can take care of your child individually and has vast experience of the subject.

Now let me introduce myself.

Best Online Tutor for Accountancy class 12 CBSE Board

My Name is Anurag Pathak. I have been teaching accountancy for the last 18 years specially for CBSE Board. I operate from Delhi and have taught thousands of students so far.

I have various online support for commerce students.

I own a YouTube Channel

Commerce School – CBSE

best youtube channel for commerce students 11 and 12 class

I run a YouTube Channel where I share all high quality accountancy lecture of Accountancy for class 12th.

I also own an Android & ios App.

Commerce School Android App

live classes of accounts class 12 by Anurag pathak sir cbse board

Where students can explore different exclusive courses of various topics of Accountancy.

I also own a Website

I also run a website called where I upload free pdf notes and video lecture. Apart from it students can also explore variour accoutnancy reference books solutions free of cost.

I run live classes of Accoutancy

Apart from it, I also take live classes on Zoom. No matter how much free study material you get. A student need consistency. It’s better to join live online classes if one wants to secure good marks in any paper of board Examination.

My Online Live Classes features:-

  1. Regular live classes
  2. Personal doubt session.
  3. Availability of Recording after classes
  4. My personal contact number
  5. Fortnightly Parents Meeting
  6. weekly Test series
  7. MCQS Test with instant result.

You can explore all possible resources I own.

YouTube Channel

Commerce School – CBSE

Android App

Commerce School

Telegram Channel

Commerce School – CBSE


Contact Me at:

Phone Number:- 91- 9953584545


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