Full Proof strategy to score perfect 100 in Accountancy in CBSE 12th Boards?

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Here, is the burning question. How to score (get) full 100 marks in accountancy class 12 in CBSE Board.

It is the dream of every single student of commerce to score 100/100 in Accountancy class 12 Board Exam of CBSE.

See, to get the perfect 100, you need a full-proof plan and stick to it till the end, no matter what comes across.

I am sharing with you my own 10 point tested strategy to score 100 in Accountancy in CBSE 12 Boards Exam.

But, you have to follow it with dedication. You have to drop your procrastination at any cost. Believe me!

It is all about following and practicing few things once you put your hand on accounts book.

See, success is a habit not a coincidence. It is the result of following certain rules consistently until you achieve your target.

At the end, I would also discuss how much time you must allocate to solve each question of the Accountancy Board paper. So that, you can attempt all 32 questions on time and still have a few minutes to find the mistakes, if any committed.

You can score 100 marks in Accountancy paper with only two strategy.

  1. Command over concept
  2. Time Management

See, Accountancy Board Paper seems lengthy if you lack in concept clarity and calculation. In Accountancy Paper, different types of Ledger, statements and Journal Entries are to be prepared.

You will be having only 3 hours.

If you have, great command over concept and speed in manual calculations. You r gona crack it bro. Absolutely no doubt at all.

Before I start my session. I want to drive your attention towards two Common Bad Habit to avoid as commerce student.

  1. Stop using calculator from day one.
  2. Focus on Concept than solving number of questions.

Ok, enough lecturing, Follow complete guide consistently and prepare yourself for 100 marks in accountancy.

10 points to follow to score 100 in Accountancy in class 12 CBSE Board Exam

If you follow these 10 points. I guarantee you, nobody can stop you to get 100 out of 100 in accountancy paper.

1. Throw Your calculator away from day one

Literally, I mean it. You have to do it. This calculator is your bigg…est enemy. Most of the students casually use calculator while solving accounts problems at home.

But slowly it becomes their habit. But when you sit in real exam, you find yourself handicap with your mind. sometime not able to do 2 by 2 = 4.

Remember, calculator is not allowed in Board Exam. You have to really stop using it.

Do, whatever you want, Lock the phone calculator application, or throw your calculator out of your balcony. Whatever comes to your mind, but maintain a distance from it.

2. Make Notes of all possible concept of every chapter in Separate copy

See, Accounts is all about concept. Rather practicing number of question. First make a deep command over different possible concept in each chapter of Accounts according to prescribed syllabus.

It would help a lot during the examination time. we just have to revise all know-how of different adjustments and practice few questions out of the back questions of the Accountancy Book.

3. Don’t ignore Theory

Make proper notes of theory question of all chapters. As there are 13 questions of 1 mark each. There are always few 1 mark questions on basis of accountancy theory.

Pro Tip:- Focus on Partnership Theory. As there are around 10 Question of 1 marker only from this chapter.

Here is the complete detail.

SectionChapterNumber of Question (1 Marks each)
Part – APartnership
Part – BBalance Sheet items
Cash Flow

4. Cover up Your Accountancy syllabus by October (4 Months before Final Exam)

Yes, complete your syllabus before 4 months of the examination at any cost. See, if you go on covering your syllabus by the end of january. You won’t be having time to horn your skill in attempting accounts paper within the 3 hours time.

Because you have to solve a lot of sample papers to achieve precision over concept and speed.

5. Follow D.K Goyal and TS Grewal book Accountancy Book

Absolutely no doubt. I am indeed biased about it. As a teacher of accountancy with more than 18 years of experience, I believe in both books.

The best part of the DK Goyal book is, each back unsolved question does have the same concept in illustration with reference below the question.

So, it is the great value of this book for those who are self reliant in study. It makes self study much easier.

As far as TS Grewal book. It is the most recommended book in all CBSE School. The Best part of this book is, Every year author update this book to the new syllabus and guidlines of the CBSE Board.

Apart from it, the practical questions strictly follow the syllabus of Accountancy.

6. Hire an Expert Accountancy Tutor online

See, without a good mentor or guide, It is not easy to achieve any goal. Be it securing 100 marks in Accountancy or any other goal. we absolutely need to have a guide.

I would recommend hire an experienced online tutor. The biggest benefit of it is no time boundation. You can take classes any time you want.

Even if, you miss the class, you would get recording of it.

7. Solve 2 Sample Paper in a week from November onwards

Once your syllabus is over by octobar. Try solving 2 Sample Paper in a week. Don’t worry about if you are perfect. By the time, your marks would start improving.

8. Try to solve 2 Sample Paper in a week within 3 hours of time.

From December onwards, Starts solving sample paper within the 3 hours time limit and evaluate your performance. Clear your doubt with your teacher, Improve your concept and repeat the process.

9. Follow below Time Management strategy to complete Accountancy Paper on time.

Now, here comes a great part of this session. Time Management, what should be the time spend to solve each questions of Accountancy Board Paper.

How you should divide your total 3 hours for all 32 questions.

Let’s discuss it in detail.

There are 32 questions in Accountancy paper and here is my strategy:-

What you have to do is to calculate the time period to attempt each question is just double the marks of it. for example 1 marker question must be solved within 2 minutes.

3 marker question within 6 minutes

4 marer question within 8 minutes

6 marker question within 12 minutes

8 marker question within 16 minutes

So here is complete blue print for you, how would you allocate 3 hour for different questions

Part – A

Note:- Scroll right If you are reading it in Mobile to see whole table.

Question NumberNumber of QMarksTotal MarksTime to attempt
1 to 13131 Marks Each13 Marks26 Minutes
14th13 Marks Each3 Marks6 Minutes
15th to 18th44 Marks Each16 Marks32 Minutes
19th to 20th26 Marks Each12 Marks24 Minutes
21st to 22th28 Marks Each16 Marks32 Minutes
Total2260 Marks120 Minutes

Part – B

Note:- Scroll right If you are reading it in Mobile to see whole table.

Question NumberNumber of QMarksTotal MarksTime to attempt
23rd to 29th71 Marks Each7 Marks14 Minutes
30th13 Marks Each3 Marks6 Minutes
31th14 Marks Each4 Marks8 Minutes
32th16 Marks Each6 Marks12 Minutes
Total1020 Marks40 Minutes

In this whole process part A would be complete within 120 minutes and Part B within 40 minutes.

Still you would be having 20 minutes to have a look any mistakes in your solutions and other stuff.

Time periodTime for Part – ATime for Part – BTime for revision
3 hour (180 Minutes)120 Minutes40 Minutes20 Minutes

All students are provided 15 minutes extra to read the question paper before. However, in this time period, you can not write down anything on your answer sheet.

Pro Tip:- you can solve a few 1 marks questions orally in these 15 minutes. So, in overall 26 Minutes allocated for 1 marker. Here, you can save around 5 to 6 minutes.

10. Improve your handwriting and presentation.

Presentation with good handwriting impress paper checker and relax his mind. He don’t get puzzle and he has to put less effort in checking the answer sheet.

11. Less cutting and crossing in the answer sheet

Try less cutting and crossing in the answer sheet. Present your all answers neat and clean.

10. Which Part to attempt first A or B

See, this question is very very controversial.

As we are preparing overall for 100 marks. I would highly recommend attempt whole paper from 1st question to last 32 question series wise. See, When we solve question from question paper randomly. Paper checker has to flip the marking scheme sheet again again. He might get irritated. If he only deduct 1 mark out of irritation. You whole plan would spoil.

So we have to make our paper checker more & more comfortable in checking our answer sheet.

  • My take on this is as we are focusing first spare 15 minutes only on 1 marker. So first attempt all first 13 questions of Part A.
  • Once it is done, directly attempt both 21st and 22th question of 8 marks each.
  • Now attempt 32th question of 6 marker of Part B of Cash flow.
  • Now its your turn how want to go head. I think you should go with all 6 marker questions, than followed 4 markers and 3 markers

If you want to join Accounts and Economics live classes and free solutions of TS grewal and DK goyal. Download my Android App by below link

Android APP:- Commerce School

Further Reading:-

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