Q. 1 Solution of NPO Chapter Page 1.75 DK Goyal 2021-22 Edition


Are You looking for the solution of Question number 1 NPO chapter page number 1.75 DK Goyal book 2021-22 edition? I have solved this question and have provided its solution in both text and video format.

Question number 1 of the NPO chapter page number 1.75 of DK Goyal is a practical question where You have to prepare a Receipts and Payments account for the year ending 31st March 2021.

Solution of Question number 1 page 1.75 of NPO Chapter DK Goyal Book 2021-22 Edition.

This question related to preparation of Receipts and Payments Account at the page number 1.75 of DK Goyal Book 2021-22 edition.

Here is the solution of video format. I also have solved in text formed to at the end.

Receipts and Payments account of Modern Club for the year ending 31st March, 2021

Note:- General expenses out of rs 2000 are still outstanding. Hence only Rs. 18000 has been received out of rs 20,000. As we are preparing Receipts and Payments account on cash basis of accounting. only Rs. 18000 would be recorded.


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