Q. 6 solution of Fundamentals of Partnership Firms TS Grewal Book 2021-22 Edition

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Are you looking for the solution to Question number 6 page 2.82 of the Fundamentals of partnership firm chapter TS Grewal Book 2021-22 Edition?

Question number 6 at the page number 2.82 of Accounting for Partnership Firms – Fundamentals is of a theoretical one.

Solution of Question number 6 of Accounting for Partnership Firms – Fundamentals TS Grewal Book 2021-22 Edition

Here is the solution of it.

Harshad Claims

i) In the absence of partnership deed. provisions of Indian Partnership Act 1932. No interest on capital is provided and interest on loan of partner is given @ 6% p.a.

ii) In the absence of partnership deed. provisions of Indian Partnership Act 1932. Profit should be distributed equally.

Dhiman Claims

i) His claim is right that profits should be shared equally. In the absence of partnership deed. provisions of Indian Partnership Act 1932.

ii) No remuneration will be allowed to Dhiman. In the absence of partnership deed. provisions of Indian Partnership Act 1932.

iv) Interest on capital will not be allowed. In the absence of partnership deed. provisions of Indian Partnership Act 1932.

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