Q. 9 Solution of NPO Chapter Page 1.78 DK Goyal 2021-22 Edition


Are You looking for the solution of Question number 9 NPO chapter page number 1.78 DK Goyal book 2021-22 edition? I have solved this question and have provided its solution in both text and video format.

Question number 9 of the NPO chapter page number 1.78 of DK Goyal is a practical question where You have to show the treatment of the Building Fund in various cases.

Solution of Question number 9 page 1.78 of NPO Chapter DK Goyal Book 2021-22 Edition.

Here is the solution in text form.

Note:- When an assets is created out of its Fund. Assets created is recorded as asset. and the same amount is deducted out of its fund and added to Capital fund.


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