Syllabus of Money and Banking in Macroeconomics Class 12 CBSE Board


Are you looking for the syllabus of Money and Banking Unit of Macroeconomics class 12 CBSE Board. See there are lot of reference books and offer a lot of study material out of syllabus to set them apart superiour from other authers.

But suggest me one think. If i have a back pain, should i take medicine for fever.

Absolutely not. There is no need to waste time to study the topics out of context. I mean out of syllabus. let those topic be for higher study.

For the time being, we strictly have to stick to the each topic and unit as per the syllabus of CBSE Board.

Lets deep dive into the syllabus of Money and Banking unit of Macroeconomics class 12 as per the syllabus of CBSE.

Money and Banking Syllabus of Class 12 CBSE Board

Marks6 Marks
Number of Chapters2
Name of chapters1. Money and Money Supply
2. Banking

There are two chapters in one unit

  1. Money and Money supply
  2. Banking

As far as Money and Money supply is concerned you have to go through with only three topics.

Is Functions of Money is the part of syllabus

No, Functions of Money is not the part of the syllabus of Economics class 12. However in Many reference books it is given as a extra resource. There is no need to go through this topic as far as you are the students of class 12 CBSE Board.

Syllabus of Money and Money supply

  1. What is Money and the definition of it?
  2. What is the supply of money and its definition?
  3. Components of Money Supply

Syllabus of Banking chapter

  1. Money creation by the commercial banking system.
  2. The central bank and its functions.

Functions of banks includes.

  1. Bank of Issue.
  2. Bank of the Government
  3. Banker’s Bank
  4. Control of Credit through Bank rate, CRR, SLR, Repo Rate and Reverse Repo Rate, Open Market Operations, Margin requirement.


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