Difference between Conventional and Non-Conventional Sources of Energy

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Looking for what is the difference between Conventional sources of Energy and Non-Conventional sources of Energy in economics class 12 in infrastructure chapter.

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Conventional vs Non-Conventional sources of Energy

Following are the difference

S.NConventional SourcesNon-Conventional Sources
1.Conventional sources of energy are limitedNon-Conventional sources are abundant.
2.Conventional sources are non-renewable.Non-Conventional sources of energy are renewable.
3.They pollute the atmosphereThey are pollution-free, i.e., they are eco friendly
4.Conventional sources are expensive means of energyNon-Conventional sources of energy are cheaper. However, the initial cost of non-conventional sources is heavy.
5.These include coal, petroleum, and electricityThese include solar energy, wind energy, biomass, etc.
6.These are being used as diverse sources of commercial energy over a long period of time.Most of these are only in the experimentation stage and are being used as diverse sources of commercial energy only to a little extent.
7.In India, conventional sources (coal and petroleum in particular) are being used in total disregard to the environment.These are being developed as sources of commercial energy with a view to checking environmental pollution.
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