Difference between Commercial and Non-Commercial Source of Energy

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Looking for what is the difference between Commercial and Non-Commercial sources of Energy in infrastructure chapter of economics class 12 CBSE.

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Commercial vs Non Commercial Sources of Energy

Following are the difference

S.NCommercial EnergyNon-Commercial Energy
1.Commercial sources of energy are generally exhaustible (with the exception of hydropower)Non-commercial sources are generally renewable.
2.Commercial sources of energy have a market, i.e., they command a price.Non-commercial sources are generally free. However, in the present period, even non-commercial sources like firewood and dried dung are charged a price in the urban areas and to some extent, in the rural areas as well.
3.Commercial sources are mostly used for industrial and commercial purposesNon-Commercial sources are generally used for domestic and consumption purposes.
4.Examples- Coal, petroleum products, natural gas, electricityFirewood, animal waste, agricultural waste.
5.Largely industrial, and for commercial purposes.Largely domestic, and for consumption purposes.
6.Goods of commercial energy are traded through the market. These goods command a price. There is a domestic as well as international market for these goods.Goods of Non-Commercial energy are generally procured by the villagers as free goods. Often, these goods do not command a price. At best there is a local market for these goods.
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