[ISC] Term – 2 Deleted Accountancy Syllabus Class 12 2021-22

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Looking for Term – 2 Deleted Syllabus of Accountancy Class 12 ISC Board for 2021-22 Session.

Deleted Syllabus of Account class 12 Term – 2 ISC Board 2021-22

PartsUnitDeleted Topics
ARetirement of Partneri) Calculation of Profit of Retiring partner on the Basis of Turnover
2) Loan A/c
3) Change in PSR
4) Accounting Treatment of Accumumulated Profits and losses through one entry
ADeath of PartnerComplete Chapter is Deleted
ADissolution of PartnerPreparation of Memorandum Balance Sheet is
AIssue of DebenturesNo Deduction
ARedemption of DebenturesNo Deduction
Part – BFinancial Statement Analysis
(Complete Unit)
No Deduction
Part – B2 Cash Flow Statement
(Complete Unit)
No Deduction

Database Management System (DBMS)
(Complete Unit)
No Deduction

Comparison Screen Shots of Syllabus of Retirement Chapter

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