Types of Infrastructure in Economics Class 12

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Explain the two categories into which infrastructure is divided. how are both interdependent

Looking for what are the types of infrastructure in economics (Indian economic development) class 12 CBSE, ISC and State Board.

See, this topic is concerned with Infrastructure chapter of Indian economic development book

What are the types of Infrastructure in class 12 Economics

The infrastructure is broadly classified into two types

  1. Economic Infrastrucutre
  2. Social Infrastructure

What is Economics Infrastructure:-

The infrastructure which primarily promotes economic activities such as production and trade of goods and services is called economic infrastructure.

Economic infrastructure directly benefits the process of production and distribution in an economy, i.e. It directly supports the economic system.

Examples of Economic Infrastructure

economics infrastructure includes public utilities such as

  1. power
  2. telecommunications
  3. Roads
  4. Ports
  5. Transportation
  6. Water Supply
  7. Sanitation

What is Social infrastrucuture

The infrastructure which directly influences the quality of life of the people is called social infrastructure.

In other words, Social infrastructure refers to elements of support systems such as schools, hospitals, houses that serve as a driving force for the social development of a country.

Social development refers to human resource development. It occurs when there is a healthy and efficient workforce in the country.

Examples of Social infrastructure

  1. Education
  2. Health
  3. Housing

How Economic and Social infrastructure interdependent

Economic and social infrastructures are complementary

Economic infrastructure is necessary to carry out economic activities. Social infrastructure is necessary to improve the conditions of those who carry out these activities, i.e, workers who constitute the human resource.

Economic and social infrastructure are also interdependent. Qualified and healthy human resource is necessary to produce economic infrastructure.

On the other hand, economic infrastructure in terms of power, transportation, roads, etc., is necessary to create social infrastructural facilities concerning health, education, housing, etc.

Adequate quantity, quality, and reliability of infrastructure are preconditions for overall economic growth and development.

Since it renders services to the common man it must be provided at a reasonable cost.

Infrastructural facilities are useful in many ways.

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