What is CUCET Entrance Exam 2022

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Recently you heard about CUCET. Want to know more about it. Here I will discuss, What the CUCET entrance exam in 2022 is, its syllabus, and universities under CUCET also.

First, let’s discuss

What is CUCET entrance exam in 2022

The full form of CUCET is

‘Central Universities Common Entrance Test’

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CUCET is a common entrance exam that is conducted by NTA (National Testing Agency).

If you don’t know about NTA. Here below is the short intro.

The Ministry of Education (MoE), Government of India (GOI) established the National Testing Agency (NTA) in November 2017 as an independent, organization to conduct entrance examinations under the Societies Registration Act (1860).

It was established for conducting efficient, transparent, and international standards tests in order to assess the competency of candidates for admissions to premier higher education institutions.

Why CUCET entrance examination is Introduced

The demand to conduct entrance exams is mainly raised by top universities such as DU.

You might have heard the case of Kerala students in 2021 occupying most of the undergraduate courses seats.

To your surprise, out of 206 unreserved seats, 95% are occupied by Kerala students.

Why, as most of the students had 100% marks on their mark sheet.

But a DU physics Professor Rakesh Pandey, from Kirori Mal College termed it as marks Jihad

He found that A college had to admit 26 students in a course having 20 seats only because they all had 100 percent marks from the Kerala board,

But he found these students not that competent to obtain exact 100% marks.

Now, The National Testing Agency (NTA) has been assigned the task of conducting the Central Universities Common Entrance Test (CU-CET).

This test was conducted for both Undergraduate/ Integrated (UI) and Post Graduate (PG) programs for 2021 for the 12 participating Central Universities

A student has to sit in this CUCET entrance exam if he wants to take admission in Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses in Central Universities listed.

More other Central universities are opting for this course. Recently 20 December 2021, Delhi University has also announced opting for CUCET.

When 1st CUCET Entrance Examination is conducted

1st CUCET Exam was conducted in 2021 for 12 participating universities. This exam is Computer Based Test (CBT)

What are the universities under CUCET

In 2021, the following universities participated in CUCET Examination

  1. Assam University, Silchar

2 Central University of Andhra Pradesh

3 Central University of Gujarat

4 Central University of Haryana

5 Central University of Jammu

6 Central University of Jharkhand

7 Central University of Karnataka

8 Central University of Kerala

9 Central University of Punjab

10 Central University of Rajasthan

11 Central University of South Bihar

12 Central University of Tamil Nadu

More universities are joining the CUCET, Recently in December 2021, Delhi University announced that it will conduct CUCET for 2022 session.

What is the syllabus of CUCET

CUCET Syllabus would be in two sections.

Section 1 consists of

  1. Aptitude Test

Section 2 would be of Domain-Specific

  1. Domain Specific (with optional subjects)

It means the questions from your class 12th subjects would be asked and students would be having the choice to choose the subjects.

Commerce Students can be asked about accountancy, economics, and Business studies.

Science students can be asked questions from Physics, Chemistry, and Maths

Arts Students may be given questions from Political Science, History, Geography, Economics and from other concern humanities subjects.

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