[CBSE] ENTREPRENEURSHIP Syllabus class 12 (2022-23)

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Looking for the syllabus of ENTREPRENEURSHIP class 12 of CBSE Board for the 2022-23 Session.

Syllabus of ENTREPRENEURSHIP Class 12 CBSE Board 2022-23 session

(CODE NO. 066)

Theory Paper:- 70 Marks (Time:- 3 Hours)
Project:- 30 Marks

Entrepreneurial Opportunities
Enterprise Planning
Enterprise Marketing
Enterprise Growth Strategies
Business Arithmetic
Resource Mobilization
Project Work4030

Course Content

Unit 1: Entrepreneurial Opportunity

Competencies: Scanning the environment; Analytical and logical thinking; Innovation and creativity; Decision making; self-confidence.

ContentsLearning Outcomes
 Sensing Entrepreneurial Opportunities:
– Environment Scanning
– Problem Identification
– Idea fields
– Spotting Trends
– Creativity and Innovation
 Selecting the Right Opportunity
After going through this unit, the student/
learner would be able to:
 Comprehend the concept and elements of business opportunity
 Discuss the process of sensing opportunities
 Understand the need to scan the environment
 Enlist the various factors affecting business environment
 Identify the different idea fields
 Understand the concept of opportunity
 Appreciate the ways in which trends can
be spotted
 Understand the process of creativity and
 Transform ideas into business opportunities.

Unit 2: Enterprise Planning

Competencies: Analytical and critical thinking; personal responsibility; determination;
Resourceful; collaboration

ContentsLearning Outcomes
 Business Plan: concept, format
 Components of a Business Plan:
– Organisational plan; (Meaning and
– Characteristics of Sole Proprietorship,
– Partnership and Company)
– Operational plan;
– Production plan;
– Financial plan;
– Marketing Plan;
– Human Resource Planning
After going through this unit, the student/
learner would be able to:
 Appreciate theconcept and importance of
a Business Plan
 Describe the various components of
Business plan
 Differentiate among the various
components of Business plan
 Understand the meaning and
characteristics of Sole Proprietorship,
Partnership and Company
 Develop a Business Plan

Unit 3: Enterprise Marketing

Competencies: Persistence, Negotiation, Collaboration, Ethical behavior, team spirit;

ContentsLearning Outcomes
Marketing and Sales Strategy
 Branding – Business name, Logo, Tagline
 Promotion Strategy
 Negotiations – Importance and Methods
 Customer Relationship Management
 Vendor Management
After going through this unit, the student/
learner would be able to:
 Discuss the various marketing strategies
used in a business
 Appreciate the elements of Marketing Mix
 Understand the concept of Branding,
Packaging and Labeling
 Describe the various methods of
 Discuss the various factors affecting the
channels of distribution
 Understand the concept and types of sales
 Discuss different tools of promotion
 Appreciate the objectives and different
modes of Advertising
 Understand the rules of effective
 Understand the concept of personal
selling and sales promotion
 Discuss the various techniques of
sales promotion
 Understand the ways of negotiation in
 Understand the importance of Customer
Relationship Management in business.
 Understand the concept and importance
of vendor management in business

Unit 4: Enterprise Growth Strategies

Competencies: Need for achievement, Initiative, Analytical thinking, risk vs reward,
collaboration, synergy, leadership

ContentsLearning Outcomes
Franchising: Concept, types, advantages,
 Mergers and Acquisition: Concept,
reasons, types.
 Reasons for failure of Mergers and
After going through this unit, the student/
learner would be able to:
 Understand the concept of growth &
development of an enterprise
 Discuss the concept, types, advantages
and disadvantages of franchising
 Appreciate growth of business through
mergers and acquisitions
 Discuss the different types of mergers and
 Understand the reasons for failure of
mergers and acquisitions

Unit 5: Business Arithmetic

Competencies: Arithmetic skills, critical analysis, decision making, self-confidence,
problem solving.

ContentsLearning Outcomes
Business Arithmetic
 Unit of Sale, Unit Cost for multiple
products or services
 Break even Analysis for multiple
products or services
 Computation of Working Capital
 Inventory Control and EOQ
 Return on Investment (ROI) and
Return on Equity (ROE)
After going through this unit, the student/
learner would be able to:
 Understand the concept of Unit Cost and
Unit Price
 Calculate Break-even point for Multiple
products and services.
 Understand the concept of Inventory
 Compute the working capital of a business.
 Calculate Return on Investment; Return
on Equity and Economic Order Quantity

Unit 6: Resource Mobilization

Competencies: Risk taking, Communication, Persuasion, Networking, Ethical behavior

ContentsLearning Outcomes
Resource Mobilization:
 Capital Market- Primary and Secondary
 Stock Exchange- Concept, features,
functions and importance.
 Angel Investor: Features
 Venture Capital: Features, funding.
After going through this unit, the student/
learner would be able to:
 Understand the need of finance in
 Discuss the various sources of funds
required for a firm
 Understand the ways of raising funds in
primary market
Understand the importance of secondary
market for mobilization of resources
 To discuss the relevance of stock
exchange for an investor, a business
enterprise and economy.
 Understand the role of SEBI in capital
 Appreciate the Angel Investors and
Venture Capitalists as a source of
business finance.

Project Work

  1. Business Plan
  2. Market Survey
     10 Marks each for 02 Projects
     5 Marks for Numerical Assessment
     5 Marks for Viva
    Note: Students need to comp
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