[CUET] MCQs of Accounting Using Database Management System (DBMS)

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Are you looking for CUET MCQs with answers of Accounting Using Database Management System (DBMS)

We have curated a good list of important MCQs with answers of Computerised accounting system unit of accounts syllabus of CUET for B.com and B.A entrance exams.

Multiple Choice Questions of Accounting Using Database Management System (DBMS) with answers

Let’s Practice

DBMS does not serve as a tool for which of the following:

a) Organising data
b) Creating data
c) Processing data
d) Retrieving data

Ans – b)

Which of the following is not a component of MS Access?

a) Tables
b) Queries
c) Forms
d) CAS

Ans – d)

______________ is the interactive program of a database application.

a) Front-end
b) Back-end
c) Report
d) Server

Ans – a)

Which of the following is not an advantage of ‘server-database’?

a) oriented towards multi-user applications
b) Ensure reliability of data
c) Cheaper than desktop database
d) Ensure consistency of data

Ans – c)

Which is not a consideration that needs to be assessed before acquiring a databse solution?

a) Who will be the users of the database
b) What hardware and operating system is available
c) Whether database will be used by other applications
d) None of the above

Ans – d)

Which of the following is not a type of server database?

a) IBM-DB2
b) IDB
c) Oracle
d) SQL-Server

Ans – b)

The fundamental building blocks of a database are

a) Forms
b) Queries
c) Cells
d) Tables

Ans – d)

The common fields used in a relationship between tables are called

a) key fields
b) Primary Key
c) Attribute
d) Record

Ans – a)

Employee name appears in a table only once. Such field in the said table is called

a) key field
b) Primary key
c) Foreign key
d) Record

Ans – b)

Employee name appears in a table in multiple rows. The such field in the said
table is called

a) Key field
b) Primary Key
c) Foreign key
d) Record

Ans – c)

Duplication of information in a database is avoided by the process of

a) Joining
b) Saving
c) Normalisation
d) Requirement analysis

Ans – c)

Matching of rows in two database tables on the basis of their primary
and foreign keys is called

a) joining
b) saving
c) Normalisation
d) Requirement analysis

Ans – a)

SQL stands for

a) Simple Query Language
b) Singular Quantity Loading
c) Structured Query Language
d) Structured Quantity Load

Ans – c)

The maximum number of Characters that can be used to write a field name in the access

a) 32
b) 64
c) 108
d) Unlimited

Ans – b)

The punctuation character that can be used in a field name is

a) Exclamation mark
b) Brackets
c) Period
d) underscore

Ans – d)

The existence of data in a secondary key field is

a) Not necessarily required
b) Required and must be unique
c) Required but need not be unique
d) All of the above

Ans – c)

__________ may be used to obtain well-formatted printable data from the access database.

a) Report
b) Form
c) Query
d) Table

Ans – a)

‘Record’ in a database table is a

a) Size of the table
b) Horizontal row of table
c) Vertical column of table
d) name of the table

Ans – b)

DBMS stands for

a) Data Base Management Structure
b) Data Base Marketing System
c) Data Base Management System
d) Data Based Marking System

Ans – c)

In MS Access, task-oriented tabs comprising of commands and features are placed in a standard area, which is called

a) File
b) Print Preview
c) Join
d) Ribbon

Ans – d)

The accountant did not enter any extension to the file he created on MS Access. What will be the system-generated extension of the file?

a) Default extension
b) Last entered extension for an MS Excel file
c) No Extension will be generated
d) name of the file will be the same as extension

Ans – a)

The tool that guides the user through creation of database and queries and forms
is called

a) Spreadsheet
c) Access Wizard
d) SQL

Ans – c)

The width of a column in a database table can be set to accommodate the longest entry by using

a) View
b) Create Tab
c) Query
d) Best Fit

Ans – d)

A user can retrieve data from multiple tables in Access by placing specific conditions with the help of

a) Design View
b) Report
c) Query
d) Joining

Ans – c)

Information in database is organised using and retrieved
using _

a) Queries, Tables respectively
b) Tables, Queries respectively
c) Forms, Queries respectively
d) Queries, Reports respectively

Ans – b)

The command that arranges data in ascending or descending order is

a) Join
b) sort
c) Filter
d) Create

Ans – b)

The tool which helps the user to create the most suitable report is

a) Access Wizard
b) Form Wizard
c) Report Wizard
d) Print Preview

Ans – c)

‘Field’ in a database table is the:

a) Name of the table
b) Size of the table
c) Vertical column of the table
d) Horizontal row of the table

Ans – c)

‘Join Line’ in Access Tables means

a) Line Connecting two fields of a table
b) Line connecting two records of a table
c) Lines bonding the data within table
d) Graphical representation of relationship between tables

Ans – d)

Soho in the context of database stands for

a) Small Office home Office
b) Small organisation holistic organisation
c) Structuring Office Home Office
d) None of the above

Ans – a)

DBMS can be used for generating accounting information such as

a) Sales Reports
b) Employee Payroll Reports
c) Cash Registers
d) All of the above

Ans – d)

MS Access is a

a) Word Processing Software
b) Presentation Software
c) Database Management Software
d) Speadsheet Software

Ans – c)

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