Matching Type MCQs of Consumer Protection (Business Studies Class 12)

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Looking for Important Matching type MCQs of Consumer Protection chapter 12 with answers and explanations of Business studies of class 12 CBSE, ISC and other state Boards.

We have compiled a collection of very important Matching Types Multiple Choice Questions with answers of chatper 12 (Consumer Protection) of BST class 12

Matching Type Multiple Choice Questions of Consumer Protection of Business Studies class 12

Let’s Practice

Match the ‘Consumer Rights’ given under ‘A’ with the suitable statements under ‘B’:

i) Right to seek RedressalA) Right to get heard in consumer forum against grievances.
ii) Right to be HeardB) Right to know the MRP, expiry date, weight and quantity
iii) Right to be informedC) Right to get relief if product falls short of his expectations


a) i – C, ii – A, iii – B
b) i – A, ii – B, iii – C
c) i – B, ii – A, iii – C
d) i – A, ii – B, iii – C

Ans – a)

Match the ‘Consumer Rights’ given under ‘A’ with the suitable statements under ‘B’:

i) Right to Consumer EducationA) Right to choose any article or service
ii) Right to SafetyB) Right to acquire knowledge and skills to be an informed consumer
iii) Right to ChooseC) Right to be protected against dangerous and unsafe products.


a) i – A, ii – B, iii – C
b) i – B, ii – A, iii – C
c) i – B, ii – C, iii – A

Ans – c)

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