Which book is best for accountancy class 12 CBSE Board?

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See, to give a verdict which book is best for accountancy class 12 CBSE Board is very very controversial. However, I would try to answer it with a logic.

Every school refers its own Accountancy book as they have tied up with different publishers. However. no school wants to spoil its reputation by recommending a book that is not competible.

Let’s analyse all different available reference books of Accountancy for class 12 specially for CBSE Board.

Best book for Accountancy class 12 CBSE Board

If you look at the scope of accountancy, its quite wide. But in order to prepare for Board exams, there is a limited syllabus offered by CBSE Board.

CBSE has its own book called ‘NCERT of Accountancy’. The syllabus given in this book is strictly according to the CBSE Board.

But practice questions are less.

But few reference books gives the practice questions that is beyond the scope of board examination.

Take an example of partnership topic, this topic is also the part of CA and CMA courses.

If a reference book writer, included certain questions that has practice questions at the difficulty level of CA examination. It would surely down the moral and confidence of a student of Class XII.

Because there is no use to practice such questions. Writer only included such practice just to make his book more superior than other.

My advice is, just avoid such books.

Best Book of Accountancy for class 12 according to the syllabus of CBSE Board

According to me, if you want to study point to point as the syllabus prescribed by CBSE. Go with ‘NCERT of Accountancy’.

It is available in both Physical and PDF format.

The free PDF of the latest released book can be download from official website of NCERT.

Best Reference Book of Accountancy for Class 12 CBSE Board

See, I would only recommend two book.

  1. T.S Grewal
  2. D.K Goyal

Most of the Schools affiliated to NCERT recommend one out of two. Most popular among both the book is T.S grewal.

Which Accountancy Book I Recommend for Class 12

But if you want my recommendation. I would go with D.K Goyal.

There is a reason behind it. This book is with no error. In my 18 year of teaching career, I have never seen any mistake in this book.

Apart from it, This is more of a help book. Each & every unsolved question of the book, refer a same solved illustration with different figure itself inside the book.

So, If you prefer self study and somehow stuck while solving a particular unsolved question, you can refer to an illustration within the book itself.

I like this feature so much so, I recommend this book to every one.

How many reference book should I read for Accountancy class 12 CBSE Board

See, I won’t advise to read so many book.

Just follow the syllabus of NCERT and purchase one book out of two I recommend. Once you completed the whole book. Purchase one good sample paper of accountancy and start practicing it.

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