Important MCQs of Indian Economy on the Eve of Independence Class 12

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Looking for Important MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) of Chapter 1 (Indian Economy on the Eve of Independence) of Indian Economic Development of Class 12.

We have made a list of very important MCQs of Chapter 1 of the Indian Economic Development Book of Class 12.

Multiple Choice Questions of chapter 1 of Indian Economic Development Book Class 12

Following are the very important MCQs

Which one belongs to the primary sector:-

a) Fishing
b) Water Supply
c) Exports of agricultural products
d) None of the above

Ans – a)

Which one belongs to the tertiary sector:-

a) Growing wheat
b) Making biscuits using wheat flour
c) Trading in wheat
d) None of the above

Ans – c)

Which one belongs to the secondary sector:-

a) Electricity generation
b) Electricity distribution
c) Both a) and b)
d) None of the above

Ans – a)

Indian Economy under British rule was:

a) Developed economy
b) Developing economy
c) Underdevloped economy
d) Growing economy

Ans – c)

Most of India’s population during British rule was dependent on which sector for a living?

a) Primary sector
b) Secondary sector
c) Tertiary sector
d) Nearly equally in all the above sectors

Ans – a)

Which factor caused low productivity in agriculture?

a) System of land settlement
b) Low level of technology
c) Lack of investment
d) All the above

Ans – d)

British rulers policy towards industrialization in India was to make India mainly:

a) Importer of primary products from Britain and exporter of finished products to Britain
b) Importer of finished products from Britain and exporter of primary products to Britain
c) Exporter of both primary products and finished products
d) Importer of both primary products and finished products

Ans – b)

One of the following was high during the British rule over India:

a) Literacy rate
b) Female literacy rate
c) Infant mortality rate
d) Life expectancy

Ans – c)

The occupational structure of India during the British rule revealed that the Indian economy was:

a) Underdeveloped
b) Developed
c) Stagnant
d) Underdeveloped and stagnant both

Ans – d)

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